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Compaq Evo D510 Small Form Factor - Second

HP Compaq
Rp 290.000

Compaq Evo adalah desktop bisnis yang dibuat oleh Compaq dan Hewlett-Packard (setelah tahun 2002 merger). Merek Evo diperkenalkan oleh Compaq Mei 2001 sebagai merek berorientasi bisnis.

Technical specifications

Architecture : P4/PCI/AGP 4X
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 processors with 533 MHz front side bus, 512KB L2 cache 2.4 GHz
Chipset : Intel 845G chipset
Memory : Tidak ada
Maximum memory : 2GB
Bays : Two internal 3.5-inch ATA hard drive, Two external 5.25-inch half-height, One floppy 3.5-inch diskette drive
Hard disk drives : Tidak ada
Graphics : Intel Extreme Graphics (integrated with Intel 845G chipset)
Removable storage : 1.44MB diskette drive
Optical storage : Tidak ada
Network interface card : Integrated Intel PRO/100 VM network connection

I/O ports
Parallel port: 1
Serial port: 2
PS/2 keyboard: 1
PS/2 mouse: 1
VGA adapter: 1
USB 2.0 ports: 6 (two front ports and four rear ports)

PCI slots
3 full-height slots on PCA (2 additional slots available via optional PCI extender card)

AGP slots
1 AGP 4X, 1.5 V

Integrated ADI 1981A audio with internal speaker
Mic-in: 1
Line-in: 1
Line-out: 1
Headphone-out: 1
Security locks
Smart cover lock (option) - Locking solenoid controlled via F10 setup (failsafe key)